The Trommelfellas

The TROMMELFELLAS production “Porzellan” which is featured on the Album “Auf Alles Was Sonst Nicht Ist” by the artist Madog is now online on vimeo and thanks to the channel featuring it in its staff picks it is getting views upon views … CHECK IT OUT!


The producer-duo The Trommelfellas are the Impuls Studio owner, rapper and musician Rock-L and myself. Being in the same studio day after day, we started working together on productions in 2013, fusing his influences from gospel, punk, reggae and skills on the guitar and bass with my knowledge of sampling, drum programming, deejaying and building beats since 1999.

Though still in its production-infancy, what happens when you put us two together can be described as a blend of electro-swing, blues, soul, reggae, rap, house and funk.

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The Trommelfellas remix of Roberta Pia’s ‘The Extraordinary’ is now on iTunes, distributed via our own imprint 8279 Music, as well as the remix we did for singer-songwriter Erik Penny.