Recording/ Mixing & Mastering Workshops


Just like in the workshops in Electronic Music Production (please refer to the above tab Workshops & Courses), we teach you how to professionally record using our live room and microphones, a Neve pre-amp, digital mixing desk into Logic Pro. Topics covered here are microphone placement, what type of microphone to use, signal flow and levelling, communication with the recording artist to name a few.


If you want to use your own recording orĀ bring in a project to mix, we will teach you how to professionally mix your song using a Multi-Track program like Logic Pro. We teach in a way that you can also use the techniques in any other software like Cubase, Ableton or Pro Tools. Topics include Multi-Track Mixing, the use of Equalisers, compressors, limiters, reverbs and other effects, automation, gaining, arrangements and everything else needed to produce a solid and clear mix.


The final stage of the entire process: how to get your mix loud, pumping, clear and sounding pretty much the same on any system! We will teach you what we know, including which plug-ins to use in a mastering chain, the pros and cons of using stems vs 2-track Mixes, as well as how to best approach a master with a fresh pair of ears!

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