Music Production Workshops

Having started to give beat-making/ music production workshops around late 2011 to underprivileged teens and young adults that came through the street work organisation Gangway e.V., this venture quickly moved to setting up a few Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) at the Impuls Recording Studio in 2013. Kindly sponsored by Native Instruments, we boasted three DAW’s equipped with Mac Minis, Maschine 2, Komplete 8, M-Audio Midi Keyboards, Logic Pro and various plug ins and software-synths. Since, they have been relocated, and the workshops I run there are just a part of what I have to offer.

The workshops I conduct can be like a course where I run an Electronic Music Production (EMP) programme, teaching you how to compose and produce any type of electronic- based music using Logic Pro and/ or the Maschine software and hardware. Electronic-based doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to solely use the software to produce your tracks. If you play an instrument or know of anyone who does and want them involved, I will happily show you how to record the instrument and use it in your track.

Why do I say ‘it can be like a course’? Well, because it doesn’t have to be! You’re equally welcome to arrange for one time lessons, get a teaser if you’re a newbie or ask anyone to help you further if you’ve already started with producing music.

What will you learn?  As I think it is a significant part of composing using only a music-making software whilst not being able to play an instrument, I teach the art of ‘Sampling’. As I started out making beats using just an MPC 2000 and didn’t play an instrument, all I had available to me where records, tapes and CDs. From then on I fell in love with digging for sounds, licks, melodies and loops, chopping, pitching, reversing, filtering and all of that good stuff! It’s my favourite topic and I believe a good loop can be just the inspiration one is looking for, even if it ends up completely unrecognisable or in some cases even taken out of the production.

What else? In a nutshell, everything that can be done using the software: the basics of synthesis, how to use automation, creating melodies and hook-lines, chord progression, adding effects, mixing your composition, recording vocals, mixing the entire song using compressors, reverbs, limiters and EQ’s …. Basically EVERYTHING from start to finish!  The goal is for you to know how it’s done professionally. And best of all … learn it without having to spend a huge amount of money at an institute.

Will you be part of a large group or will I teach you one-to-one? The answer is: which ever you prefer! Depending on what time of day and which day you intend to come, there might be a few others around, but we also teach one-to-one. I am a firm believer of focusing on people’s individual needs. You pretty much decide what you want to learn and I apply myself to your needs! Should there be any workshops running, where I’m teaching a larger group somewhere at the time of your enquiry, there could also be the possibility of joining that group!

So where in Berlin is this all happening then? In multiple locations is the simplest answer! As I have mobile equipment I can come to wherever. However, locations where you can meet other participants are currently in Kreuzberg and Wedding.

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E-mail for more info/ and to sign-up