Beezwax Productions

Beezwax Productions was set up as a production company to provide beats, compositions, remixes, as well as entire songs to recording artists, record labels and the commercial market. Wether it’s a demo, a project, a jingle or advert, any artist, agent, company or individual has the opportunity to have something produced at an affordable rate.

Beezwax Productions, acting as a label, was set up for everything that I produce and wish to release myself, as well as any artists looking to find a label that can provide them physical and digital distribution.

The first official release that Beezwax Productions (BWP) put out was the Sick Sense Cru 12″ The Should Know in 2005.

In 2010 the E.P with Genesis Elijah named Civil Unrest was digitally released via iTunes, Amazon and what have you. It is now solely available via Bandcamp.