Grime & Bass Bizzle

In recent months I’ve been infected with the Grime sound as well as some tracks categorised  as House & Bass. The energy of Grime as well as the ability to explore all sorts of synths, different drum patterns and stay away from samples which i could hardly do whilst producing hiphop, has led me to experiment a lot. Add to that the fact that Grime has had a resurgence and artists like Skepta, Stormzy, P Money and the Godfather Wiley are dropping bangers, got me listening to it a lot since mid last year.

Berlin Beatboxer Rookiie had started producing beats some time last year, and when he showed me his Gunfingers EP it got me into it again full swing.  One of the riddims i had lying around was the start of a producer collaboration with this young beatmaker and relatively known beatboxer – check out the YACHT RIDDIM that we dropped in November 2016:

Only a month since the last one and The Trommelfellas drop another remix!

Roberta Pia (of The Banana Sessions) is a London-based soul singer and songwriter from Scotland who has enjoyed collaborating on a number of musical projects, spanning a variety of genres, from pop to hip hop and back again.
The Trommelfellas are two Berlin-based music producers who have worked with a range of amazing musicians from all over the world.

The Extraordinary was written after an otherworldly dream about being caught between life and death; the words tell a story about opening your mind to the beauty of the world, surrendering to the power of nature and being in love. It’s a hypnotic and heartwarming track laced with nostalgic analogue warmth, that builds into an angelic frenzy.

Words and music by Roberta Pia, arranged by The Banana Sessions and remixed by The Trommelfellas.